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Mainely Birthing is here to support you along your birthing journey, whatever that journey looks like.

Our primary focus is EDUCATION.  Education on conception, pregnancy, birthing as well as parenting.  They are all connected.

We also act as a connector.  There will be variety of guides you will have along your journey  – doulas, midwives, ob’s, chiropractors, naturopaths, that village you always hear about and more – and we want to help you connect with the perfect ones for you and your family!

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“My husband and I found our Hypnobirthing course with Laura to be extremely beneficial. Laura is very knowledgeable and has a knack for helping couples feel at ease as they learn that pregnancy and birthing are very natural experiences. Laura’s compassion for Hypnobirthing is apparent as she instructs the course and we gained so much knowledge and confidence in preparation for the birth of our second child. I can honestly say that the difference between my first (non-hypnobirthing) and second (hypnobirthing) labors was like night and day; I felt like I had much more control over and understanding of my body during my second labor and it was much shorter. We can’t thank Laura enough for the knowledge and confidence that she instilled in us during this amazing chapter in our lives.” ~ Jenna Ogden, Winslow, ME

“I highly recommend HypnoBirthing® classes with Laura.  Both my husband and I found the experience an invaluable part of the pregnancy and birth of our daughter, Willow.  Laura taught me that I had the strength and ability to have my daughter the way that I wanted:  natural, pain and intervention free, calm and relaxing.  The relaxation, breathing exercises, and positive visualization helped me to truly enjoy my birthing experience.  I knew what to expect and I was confident in my abilities.  Thanks Laura, for teaching me how to believe in myself and my body!”  ~ Bodhi Simpson, Benton

“The whole philosophy of HypnoBirthing® allowed me to go through both the pregnancy and birth with a joyful expectance.  The class provided us with information, but more important was your(Laura’s) own openness about your birth experiences which helped to inform us in ways that books and videos cannot.  Thanks!”                                                                                          “As a partner on this journey, I felt that the class helped me to feel calm and collected – we were confident that our homebirth was the right choice for us and the class enabled us to begin our lives as a family in a positive way.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ~ Eileen & William, Augusta

“Having a doula to assist with the birth of our 2nd child made the last leg of labor possible, having an all natural birth was my dream and having a doula to help me through it was amazing.”  ~ Stephanie Andrews, Benton

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