Labor & Birth Doula Care

My role as a labor & birth doula is to be your personal support person emotionally and physically. I can also act as a liason between you and your practitioner. 

Every labor and every laboring mom are unique so my role can change with each birth. Much of the support can be helping you change positions, get to the bathroom, get cold or warm wash clothes – anything you need to make you comfortable in any way possible. 

Also included is a mini version of my Down to Earth Mindful Birth class to give you more tools for support on your upcoming birth.

Generally I am on call 24/7 starting two weeks before your expectant date until two weeks after – depending of course on when the little one arrives. Once in labor you let me know when you need me to come to you, whether it be at your house or at your labor location and I stay with you until about two or more hours after the birth. 

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