Pregnancy – 1st Trimester – Morning Sickness – Ughh!

Morning Sickness.  Yep. I said it. And… good news… or not… I’m gonna talk about it!  On the chance you’ve been experiencing and/or are worried about the possibility of experiencing – nausea – heartburn – vomiting – y’know – the real fun stuff – there are some classic ways you can help to combat those ‘hiccups’ naturally!  

One of the best things you can do is to start at the top – make sure you’re staying hydrated!  That’s right.  Drink plenty of water.  And – you can even add some organic lemon juice or organic apple cider vinegar – with mother.  (Or father, or by yourself – it’s all good) This will help your body to absorb the water you are drinking more efficiently, can help balance your pH levels and though it may seem like fighting fire with fire – the acidity of apple cider vinegar can help to close your esophageal sphincter which can help lessen your reflux.  There aren’t a lot of studies out on apple cider vinegar, but do your own research, talk to your doc – preferably a licensed naturopath – and make the choice that’s right for you!  


It is recommended that you add about 1 tbsp per 8oz glass of water.  And yes, you can still spritz it on your salad, veggies, stir fry – whatever you’d like!

Next, eat smaller portions more regularly.  This will keep your belly from being completely empty while staying satisfied and not being too full.  It gives your stomach the chance to more easily process the food it has and make it ready for the next serving.  And yes, eating things like crackers and even rice can help as they actually absorb gastric acid which helps with the queasiness as well.

Ginger!  One of my favs – and not just because I am one 🙂    Turns out – one of the components of ginger – actually relaxes your gastrointestinal muscles – super cool!  That can help to alleviate anything – stomach acid or bile – going back up into your esophagus – which is actually the creator of the burning sensation.

Take a walk!  That’s right!  20 minutes even.  Keeping your body active helps to keep your systems flowing regularly and smoothly.  You could even take a few shorter walks just throughout the day.

And finally – sometimes you’ll just have to pass.  That’s right.  If you find that every time you eat a certain food you get heartburn – or beyond – just skip that food for a while.  It’s exactly what you would tell any other person on the planet, right? So yeah, it may stink for a while, but at least it keep the queasies down and everything else that may go along with it.

Now you may be asking yourself a couple of questions at this point –

“Are there any other helpful things?”

Of course!

There are things like acupressure, exercise, those cool bracelets you can buy, and more!  And yes – these all have been helpful to many folks. Today’s focus is what actually goes in your mouth.  And yes – I’m sure there are more there as well.

Another question – actually  – statement – 

“I am WAY PAST having saltines at the ready.”  

If you are experiencing, for example:

  • 12 of more hours of vomiting
  • Blood in your vomit
  • Dark urine or dizziness
  • Abdominal pain 


This is not to scare you, it is to empower you.  Also, to remind you, that just because you are pregnant, you are not overreacting.  We can often feel as though we are ‘being a pain’ or are exaggerating things – just because we are pregnant.  Ask yourself this – if you weren’t pregnant and were vomiting for 12 straight hours, would you call your doc? I think the answer is yes.  And side note – THEY WANT YOU TO CALL. Trust me.

So in the end – yes – morning sickness can be a pain.  And yes – there are some natural ways to help with it. And yes – often times the second trimester is MUCH BETTER!  These are simply some tips to help you along the way, and if it gets beyond the range of normal nausea and a little vomit, you know what to do.

Happy Hydration and I’ll see you next time!


Laura Duffy

It was about 12 years ago when my husband walked into my life. We had 2 amazing girls since then, Autumn and Wilhelmina. They were 2 very different birth experiences and I discovered right away that I wanted to help expectant families navigate a troubled healthcare system and teach what we learned. We found confidence without expectation. We found strength and empowerment through knowledge and community. You deserve an awesome birth experience too and I’m here to show you the way!

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