So you found out you are pregnant… congratulations!  What an amazing time for you and yours! 

As you embark on this wonderful journey, you probably have many thoughts and questions come to mind.  What should I be eating or not eating, doing or not doing, where should I go, who should I see,, what is best for me and my baby in all manners?

Let me tell you, these are all great and very important questions to answer.  And, hard as it may be to believe, the answers can vary from person to person.  Birth is amazing, beautiful, magical – and unique. Unique for every mom & baby, as they are unique themselves.

Here is a quick 4 step guide to get you started on your journey.   A little manual of things you can be doing in these first few months that can steer you towards a more comfortable and relaxed birthing.  And ironically enough, many of these are things we should be doing just as humans, and especially when expecting.

So get comfortable – and enjoy J

1.   Up Your Intake of Omega 3’s and Folic Acid.

There are so many benefits and ‘possible’ benefits to these two power packing nutrients. 

Omega 3’s are most well known for their help with brain and retina development of baby in utero.  Studies are also finding that omega 3’s can help keep your expectant emotions more balanced.  And – extra good news – you can be vegan and still get all the omega 3’s you need! Check out algal oil – just one example 🙂

Folic Acid is also very important when it comes to baby’s brain in utero, as well as spinal cord development. 

It is never too late to start your intake of these incredible nutrients, and again, they are encouraged for a healthy lifestyle – expectant or not – though the amounts may change.

***IMPORTANT – not all folic acid and B vitamins are created equal.  I strongly encourage you to find a naturopath in your area to discuss the differences between supplements and what works best at this precious time in your life and beyond. 

2.   Stretch

Keeping your body limber is a great way to have a positive impact your pregnancy and birthing.  Is prenatal yoga wonderful? Of course! Is it for everyone? Not always. Simple stretching is something you can do each day.  When you get out of bed, simply bend over and try to touch your toes. The more you stretch, the more you will amaze yourself at how much you can improve!  Squats are fabulous as well! You don’t have to do 50, just do a few squats here and there throughout the day. You will feel better and again, will amaze yourself at what you can achieve!

3.   Start to Find Your Safe Place

I say ‘start’ as this particular statement is subject to change.  A woman needs to birth where she feels safe, confident and heard. She needs to surround herself with people who understand and support her wishes.  There are many options when it comes to birth – hospital, birth center and homebirth are all safe options. Meet with a variety and choose what feels best to you.  This is your birth.  Your choices.   Throughout your pregnancy you will grow as you will be educating yourself regularly on what is best for you and your baby.  You will be discussing your preferences with your midwives or docs at each visit. If at some point you feel you need a different location to birth, you can move.  Some parents have switched providers as late as 38 weeks… so yes, you have time.

4.   Embrace That Birth is The Most Natural Thing in The Universe

Because it is.  Surround yourself with positive birth stories and videos.  Watch videos of our animal friends birthing. Watch how they simply find a safe space, get comfortable, and breathe.  Solidify in your mind the complete normalcy of birth. It has been happening for all of the centuries we have been here, and will continue on.  Your body is designed to grow life and birth that life. You have everything you need. Know that. Embrace that. You got this!

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